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“I don’t think Aiyuk or Deebo Samuel sees this as any kind of threat to them”- Richard Sherman Reveals His Thoughts On 49ers Drafting Ricky Pearsall

The San Francisco 49ers turned a lot of heads in the first round of the 2024 NFL Draft. Not many people expected them to take a wide receiver with their first-round pick, and definitely not Ricky Pearsall.

While he had a great collegiate career and was projected to be one of the first ten wideouts off the board, there were still guys like Ladd McConkey or Adonai Mitchell up for grabs, and they were both expected to be taken first.

Also, the fact that they used a first-round pick on a wide receiver made some people speculate that they could look to part ways with either Brandon Aiyuk or Deebo Samuel.

Nonetheless, former Niners DB Richard Sherman just doesn’t see it that way.

Talking on his podcast, he argued that this was nothing more than ‘a luxury pick’ because the Niners don’t have a lot of holes on their roster, so they can afford to make this kind of move (via The Volume).

He predicted that Aiyuk would get his new deal sooner rather than later, and he was happy to see that Brock Purdy now has even more weapons.

Sherman claimed that some of their rookies might not even make the roster because of how stacked they are, adding that they now have a deep-pass threat with Pearsall in the fold.

The Niners have a thing for stacking up talent, and with all the uncertainty around Aiyuk, it definitely won’t hurt to have a young player on a cheap deal ready to step up, just in case.

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